The End Is Near

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Collapsible bong. :D

the future is now


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Doug Peltzman is a studio potter located in the Hudson Valley in New York. Peltzman has a distinct style and reoccurring technique throughout his pieces that consists of thin lines throughout his vessels. The technique that Peltzman uses is time consuming, but the results are remarkable. When a vessel becomes leather hard, wax is applied to the whole body. After the wax dries, lines and patterns are incised with a needle tool. Then the incised lines are filled with slip using a small brush. Also, if desired, texture should be added before going into the kiln. For glazing, Peltzman uses liquid latex to section his vessels and layer glazes.



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Big Fish by Sculptor Johnson Tsang

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Camille Rose Garcia’s “La Danse Macabre.”

Opening this Thursday, April 3rd at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington is Camille Rose Garcia’s (Previously on Supersonic) solo show, “La Danse Macabre.”  The show features brand new paintings with Garcia’s signature themes and colors writhing throughout her mysterious work.  See more below:

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